Beomeosa Temple

The Beomeosa Temple is one of the main attractions in Busan. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Korea. Beomeosa temple lies on the Kumjong-san (Kumjong-mountain). According to a Korean legend, the temples water has magic forces, and it is said to be very healthy mountain spring water. Every visitor of the temple drinks a sip of this water, before entering the temple for praying.

The temple was erected by master Uisang (625-702) during the time of the Silla-realm in 678. The Silla-realm was the first to unite all of Korea.

Among other aspects, the temple is very famous for its impressive gate and the gatekeepers standing at the gates entrance.

The construction is built on three levels, meaning that one has on every level to climb up the stairs to reach the next higher level. The highest level is the main hall, the second level the Poje-Ru-hall and at ground level is the gate.

Likewise famous is the temples three-storey Stupa. It is ca. 4 meters high and was built in 830.

The temple offers accommodation for tourists (temple-stay).



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