Chungnyeolsa Shrine

The Chungnyeolsa Shrine is dedicated to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the war against the Japanese invasion.

The 22 officers who gave their lives during the Japanese invasion from 1592 to 1599 are remembered in the main hall. Likewise honoured are all the unknown soldiers who were killed during the sea-battle at the Busanpo and during the battles in Dongnaw, Busanjin and Dadaejin. The shrine also houses the plaques dedicated to 63 voluntary soldiers.

In front of the shrine, you can see the 28.6 meter high Chungnyeol Monument, once erected to symbolize the unity of the Koreans in their fight against the Japanese. Shown on the monument are a civilian, a soldier, a civil servant, a Signal officer, a bugler and a woman.

Chungnyeolsa Shrine is very popular as a place to hold weddings during the weekend. During the week, it is a meeting place for many senior citizens, who like spending their time there going for a walk or playing board games.

You can reach the shrine via coach 29, 31, 48 or 49.



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