Traveling to Seoul

By plane

To get to Seoul from abroad you will fly into Incheon International Airport, located 52 km west of the city. Everyday Korea is connected to the world by Incheon Airport, including every major city in the world.    

Getting to Seoul

At the ground floor you are able to buy a ticket for two types of buses running to Seoul:

There are ten City Limousine buses running through the city in different ways from 5 am until 11 pm. You will recognize the buses marked with the numbers 600 – 609. A ticket for this bus will cost you 8000 won.

There are four KAL Limousine buses running along the 18 major hotels. They are recognizable by KAL1 – KAL4. A ticket for this bus will cost you 12.000 won

The bus is the best way to get to the city. A taxi will not be faster and will cost you around 50.000 won.

By train

Until the relationship between the two Koreas improves, there will be no train running from China or Russia through North-Korea. For now South-Korea is isolated as an island.

By boat

Seoul is connected by the neighboring port-city Incheon. From several Chinese, Japanese and Russian port-cities you are able to reach Korea by ferry. Seoul or Incheon are only reachable by ferry from China. The cheapest one-way tickets are about 100.000 won.



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